About Us

Dream Success Learning was established in December 2014 and within a few short years, it became Malaysia’s No. 1 Chinese Success Learning platform, with a Facebook page of 590,000 people and continued growth.

Dreaming of success and learning to embrace its mission is that “your success is our mission”, we hope to create value through different Internet platforms and continue to create more value for different people.

Our mission is to let Chinese people all over the world not only achieve wealth success, but all-round success such as wealth, happiness, joy, health, soul, self-confidence and so on. We welcome many partners and have led more people to improve their own life value.

In the past few years, we have participated in many activities such as: Robert Kiyosaki’s Master Of Wealth, Nick Vujicic’s Success Seminar, Tony Robbins’ Unleash The Power Within (UPW), Liang Kaien and Xu Bokai’s personal success conference, Wendy Foo’s discovery of inner power, Charmaine Pang’s transformational charm, Hao Geli’s break-through workshop, Huang Jiaxing’s Asia No.1 tour lecture , Gary Vaynerchuk’s National Achievers Congress and other courses.

Kane Leung once said that a one-day course may magically change the destiny of a person’s life. This is indeed true. In recent years, we have seen many classmates turn from ordinary people to successful leaders!

Our society now lacks leaders, so we must create more leaders to maintain society! In addition, we also invited many successful people to our Facebook Live to provide value to our fans. There was Wendy Foo, an internationally certified hypnotherapist, Charmaine Pange, NPG. Founder Norman Pang, real estate expert Adrian Wee, venture capital expert Andrew Tan and more! There is also a show where the former My FM famous DJ Jeff Chin (Jeff Chin) cooperated with the CEO to get on the car. 

In addition to bringing successful learning information, it also added entertainment elements and creative ideas. We also welcome friends from all parties to integrate our 370,000 platform resources. If you want to cooperate with Dream Success Learning, please visit our Facebook information or email to [email protected] We look forward to creating more for everyone. Chinese who value the world