Healing Department-Self-hypnosis Journey (Online Course)


This is a self-hypnosis course specially designed for [0 basics] and inexperienced beginners.

This course is an online course with a learning video recorded for 1 hour and 45 minutes. Of course, tutor Michelle also has prepared various pre-recorded hypnotic songs. The practice audio allows students to practice and practice self-hypnosis in daily life.

Healing Department-Self-hypnosis Journey (Online Course)

Your actions come from your thoughts, and your thoughts come from your invisible subconscious! To get rid of bad behaviors and beliefs, you must first change your negative subconscious!

This is a self-hypnosis course specially designed for [0 basics] and inexperienced beginners.

Everyone wants to change, but when they see that many courses are very expensive, they quickly give up! Intentional but powerless, it is indeed regrettable.

This is why the founder of Love&32, Mr. Michelle, Promote and publish this online course of [Self Hypnosis Journey] and promise to help all those who really want to change! From now on, everyone can change their life without worrying about paying thousands of ringgits for the course and giving up.

Through this self-hypnosis course, you will learn:

  • The key techniques and steps of self-hypnosis allow you to accurately perform self-hypnosis to get better results!
  • Dos and Don’ts, there are many important things to pay attention to when performing self-hypnosis. There are things that must be done and things that should not and need to be avoided! We will explain to you in detail and give you more examples in this course!
  • You will learn how to design your own [Hypnotic Instruction] for yourself, design according to your situation, the most important thing for you!
  • You will also learn how to resolve and perceive negative emotions. To understand the source of your negative emotions. We will guide you how to learn to [be aware, let go, forgive and change your mind].
  • You can also be the master of emotions! Be an adult with high emotional intelligence.
  • You will learn to rewrite the secrets of the subconscious. We will teach you to transform negative beliefs into positive ones. It is important to use the right method! You will find that you are no longer a way of forcing yourself in the process of changing yourself. It’s as if people force you to do things you don’t like, you will also find it very annoying. The same goes for our inner and subconscious minds. Remember to be gentle and kind to yourself.

Additional benefits for you:

  • We will provide various examples of very effective self-hypnosis methods. You can use these examples on yourself and help you change various bad habits, such as: solving procrastination, enhancing- their self-confidence, enhance personal inner strength , resolve the bad habit of binge eating enormous amounts of greedy , insomnia, difficulty sleeping , improve sleep late late from bad habits and so on.
  • You don’t have to worry about not knowing what to do after finishing the course, you can always consult teacher Michelle for a one-to-one consultation. We will make sure you learn the knowledge in the course!
  • Sign up for this course, we will provide free brainwave relaxation music , so that you can improve your concentration and get deeper relaxation during the practice!
  • We will also provide course study manuals for free , and we will provide you with a mailing method to send the manuals to you at no extra charge!
  • We will also provide you with a [daily self-assessment] report to help you observe your own progress. You will find that you are gradually improving!

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